Past Industry Insights

Andrew Gordon



On May 27, 2005, A Bunch of Short Guys and event sponsor, DNA Productions, brought Pixar Animation Studios’ Andrew Gordon to Collin College. This first Industry Insights event was attended by local studio professionals, students and educators.

Andrew Gordon’s animation career at Pixar began in 1997 when he came to the studio to work as an animator on Toy Story 2. Since that time, Andrew has had the privilege of working on several of Pixar’s blockbuster hits including Monsters, Inc., where Andrew was the lead animator on the character Mike Wazowski. His superior work on the “Speaking Whale” scene in Finding Nemo lead to an award for “Outstanding Character Animation in an Animated Motion Picture” from the Visual Effect Society. On the Academy Award®-winning film, The Incredibles, Andrew spent the majority of his time animating the character of Edna Mode (E), the beloved super hero costume designer.

Mr. Gordon studied animation in Vancouver, and prior to his work at Pixar, he worked in the Looney Tunes division of Warner Bros. He is currently working on a future Pixar film.